Great news from Italy! First of all, the needed improvements were made on our micro-XRF laboratory setup and we are having second wonderful beamtime at X-Ray fluorescence beamline at Elettra Syncrotrone, Trieste, Italy.

What is more, the paper “(Invited) ALD to Prevent Metal Transfer from Implants” (doi: 10.1149/07506.0167ecst), which is the result of collaboration with University of Brescia (Dr. Laura Borgese, Dr. Fabjola Bilo,  Dr. Annalisa Zacco, Prof. Elza Bontempi, Dr. Michela Pasquali, Dr. Stefania Federici and Prof. Laura E. Depero) and for which micro-XRF spectrometer at Atominstitut was used, has been published. 

Successful beamtime = happy team

successful beamtime = happy team