Beamtime at BESSY II and 66th Yearly Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society (OEPG2016)

We will be measuring bone samples at mySpot (BESSY II, HZB, Berlin, Germany) from 12.9 – 25.9.2016 and we are hoping for a lot of new and exciting results.


After the beamtime, we will be attending 66th Yearly Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society (OEPG2016).

66th Yearly Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society (OEPG2016)

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society (OEPG2016)

You can meet us at our posters during the poster session on Tuesday 27th of September 17:15 – 19:00 (Boltzmanngasse 5, 3rd floor, in front of Josef-Stefan lecture hall). We will present the following three posters:

PT24: Confocal SR-µXRF measurements of increased Zinc accumulation in mineralized osteosarcoma

PT25: Confocal µXRF spectrometer for analysis of 3-dimensional spatial distribution of low to high Z elements

PT26: Total X-ray reflection fluorescence spectrometry analysis of trace elements in tea and herbal infusions


We might be running a little bit late though, as we will be attending the Young-Minds-Session (Tuesday 27th of September from 16:15, Boltzmanngasse 5, 3rd floor, Christian-Doppler lecture hall). A session created for students and as well as laypersons prepared by the ÖPG Young Minds (the representation for students, PhDs and Post-Docs of the Austrian Physical Society). Lectures will be held in German and are free of charge for school classes.



More information about the Young-Minds-Session can be found in the flyer and on the poster below:


ÖPG Young Minds Flyer


ÖPG Young Minds Poster